We caught up to Asia during their 30th Anniversary World Tour which included all the original members. Asia’s debut album exploded onto the music scene in March 1982 with several Top 10 singles and sales exceeding 7 million copies. Members of this “supergroup”, featuring bassist/vocalist John Wetton, drummer Carl Palmer, keyboardist Geoff Downes, and guitarist Steve Howe emerged from such veteran bands as “YES”, “Emerson, Lake and Palmer”, “Buggles” and “King Crimson.” Their On Canvas feature is likely to be the last opportunity to see these four original Asia members perform together, since guitarist Steve Howe has recently left the band.

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  • Aedan Hurley

    Tell me it hasn’t been 30 years since Asia’s debut album!! Where has the time gone?? Thanks so much, On Canvas, for featuring them. I was a fan back in 1982 and the original members have still got it. John Wetton’s vocals are full and powerful. Fantastic drums by Carl Palmer. Could Geoff Downes get anymore keys on the stage ha ha? And Steve Howe is a masterful guitarist. They were a great pick for a feature to see them together again, completing what they started so long ago. It was the heat of the moment…when you hear the opening chords to that song, you have to stop and listen…a real classic. THANKS!!!

  • Lisa Gray

    Aedan, You are quiet the music man yourself it seems! Featuring Asia was our pleasure, but, interestingly, right after the tour that we captured, Steve Howe returned to YES and decided to leave Asia. So, this On Canvas feature is one of the very last times the original four members will perform as a group together. It was quite special to see these veterans on stage together again, and to hear John Wetton’s story of his musical inspirations, and how the band formed etc. Thanks again for your always interesting comments! Keep ‘em coming!
    Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

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