On Stage at Curtis

Graduation Recital by Violist Junping Qian

A graduation recital by Junping Qian, viola. A native of Anhui Province, China, Junping studied at Curtis with Roberto Diaz and Hsin-Yun Huang. His program:

Milhaud: Quatre visages, Op.238
Darius Milhaud lived from 1892 to 1974. A composer and teacher, he was a member of the French composition group “Les Six.” Dating from 1944, this viola suite depicts the faces of four of Milhaud’s contemporaries, whose identities unfortunately remain a mystery. The only hints we have come from the movement descriptions themselves: La Californienne, The Wisconsonian, La Bruxelloise and La Parisienne.

Paganini: Sonata
Perhaps the most famous violinist in history, musical polymath Niccolo Paganini could play a pretty mean guitar and viola as well. His devilish capabilities are on full display in this sonata for viola and piano.

Schubert: “Am Tage Aller Seelen”; Mussorgsky: Hopak; Debussy: Beau Soir; Sarasate: Malagueña
Junping Qian told us he was fascinated with old-style recitals by the likes of William Primrose and Fritz Kreisler, who often included lighter “bon-bons” with the weightier pieces of their programs. He plays four such bon-bons here in arrangements for viola by Primrose, Alan H. Arnold and Milton Katims, as well as his own arrangement of Sarasate’s Malagueña.

Enesco: Konzertstück
Known to musical history primarily for his Rumanian Rhapsodies, Georges Ensesco was also a prominent teacher, violinist and pianist. Enesco’s Konzertstück, or “Concert Piece” dates from 1906, when he was 25. Echoes of Brahms and Russian folk music abound in this attractive work.

Music Word(s) of the Week: Hopak
“A Ukrainian folk dance, apparently deriving its name from the exclamation “hop” uttered during performance. It is usually in a major key and a fast duple metre.”
(from the Oxford Dictionary of Music)

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