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Glen Burtnik

Glen Burtnik, a singer, songwriter, entertainer and multi instrumentalist, is best known as a former member of Styx. Although he is currently in various bands, for this performance, he is joined by an exciting group of stringed musicians, adding an exquisite blend of classical, folk, and pop to his sound.

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  • Cathy Rice

    Thanks for showcasing this talented artist. Glens voice is like heaven.

  • http://whyy.org/oncanvas Lisa Gray

    Hi Cathy, It was truly our pleasure to feature such a talented artist like Glen. Not only has he enjoyed a vibrant career, but he continues to embrace new projects with various artists. In addition to his vocal allure, he is a talented left-handed guitar player, and continues to write fantastic songs. (Also, he is genuinely a nice guy.) Thanks for your comment and support. Each week On Canvas features a different genre. Hear the music, Meet the Artist! Thanks again, Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

  • Jay Lehman

    Loved this piece! Awesome music by Glen!! Only wish it could have been longer!!! Any way to purchase a copy of this?

  • http://whyy.org/oncanvas Lisa Gray

    Hi Jay, Thanks so much for your comment! We usually do have enough performance footage and interesting interview selections to make On Canvas a full hour. Until that happens, however, we must fit the best sections into exactly 28:46. Glen’s talents are many, and the story of his career is fascinating. You can email us about acquiring a dvd. We are featuring many exciting artists in our upcoming season beginning on October 4th! Stay tuned and spread the word about On Canvas. Thank you for your support!
    Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

  • Dan Moritz

    What a great show this was! Glen’s songs are so good they seem to fit into any genre. The strings were a nice touch. I also loved the career retrospective. As was mentioned before, I only wish it could have been longer. Thanks!

  • http://whyy.org/oncanvas Lisa Gray

    Hi Dan, We really enjoyed working with Glen and his string ensemble. The blend of his guitar and vocals with the strings was quite warm. He has had a wonderful career so far, and was refreshingly introspective in his interview as he told his own story. Having only 30 minutes to really tell an artist’s story is difficult, but, when you work with talented people, it is a joy see such artists featured in a way where their fans can have a more intimate perspective on them as people too. Thanks so much for your comments and for checking in. Next season we kick off with George Thorogood on October 4th! Thanks for watching On Canvas. We appreciate it.
    Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

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