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Is the recession really over?

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Americans in all sectors were somewhat surprised at the statement that the recession is over,  but most agree that there are signs of improvement in the economic panorama. President Obama is crisscrossing the country looking  for support of his stimulus programs and for Democratic candidates in the November elections.

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Also this week on What Are We Thinking:

1. The President  is trying to motivate Democrats to get out and vote. Can we  assume it’s a problem for Democrats this year?

2. Also President Obama made some more news when he went to church last Sunday, one of the few times he has been to church since occupying the White House.  How many Americans typically go to church on Sunday?

3. On the health front, new Gallup data is showing that both those who are overweight and underweight have emotional problems?

One Comment

  • melogos says:

    It appears as though the headline for the NBER finding has been misappropriately labeled. Scarcely anyone in middle America would agree that the recession has ended. According to their findings, a more descriptive headline could have read: “An Economic Trough Occurred in June 2009.” Has the recession really ended, or have we more accurately simply turned the corner to a more favorable economic climate? It seems that only yesterday the “experts” were talking of a “double-dip recession.” One may remember that the current recession was not identified as a recession until we were almost a year into it. One wag responded by asking: “If the recession is over, then when did the depression begin?” Technically, the NBER’s Business Cycle Dating Committee is probably correct in their assessment. However, there are tens of millions who would take issue with the headline proclaiming that the recession has ended. http://www.christianretirement.com blog writes about millions who have lost jobs and have given up on the American dream as a result of their dismal financial situations. While the recession is not over, things are beginning to improve for many people. For that we can all be grateful!

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