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Should state have control over Pa. liquor stores?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

People who fall on hard times often consider selling their valuable possessions to bring in a little cash. With Pennsylvania facing budget problems, some Pennsylvania politicians see dollar signs in the state’s treasure chest of liquor stores.

Walking out of a Wine and Spirits Shoppe near 12th and Market Streets in Center City Philadelphia, attorney Quentin Brooks is holding a bottle of scotch he just bought. The East Mt. Airy resident supports the privatization for revenue…and other reasons,

Brooks: I think entrepreneurs ought to have the benefit of selling to private citizens and the state, and there’d be more competition in terms of prices. I don’t think the state needs to have control. It should be more like New York, New Jersey and other states.

Passing by a few minutes later, South Philadelphian Sara Selepouchin says she’s more of a beer drinker. But she supports the privatization too.

Selepouchin: Or if they’re not going to privatize the liquor stores, at least re-consider the beer distribution…It’s 2010 afterall, it seems kind of archaic. But yeah privatizing the liquor stores would be just another way they could be a little bit more hands off and let people make their own decisions as at where they buy their liquor!”

The candidates for Pennsylvania Governor are weighing in too. Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett supports privatizing the state-run liquor store system, citing the state’s need for additional revenues.

Corbett’s opponent, Democrat Dan Onorato, is hesitant to sell off the stores given the hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue they generate for the state each year.


  • George says:

    Those private stores in Jersey and De are skanky.

    I like the way PA state store present the product.

  • connie McHugh says:

    The carlisle, pa. state store has one brand of Rhine wine. It is Carlo rossie which is rot gut. Also the state stores are set up so poorly. Instead of having all wines grouped by type, ex. all cabernet’s together, all ports together they are arranged by brand. How stupid is that? You can’t compare prices without walking all over the store. The Pa. Liquor control board should be eliminated.

  • Beth says:

    Everyone I know wishes liquor/wine/beer sales were privatized in PA. Who but the beer distributors and the PLCB could like this system? It’s detestable for patrons. The PA state stores are barren, depressing, fluorescent-ly lit gray spaces, that usually have a lame selection when it comes to wine. And then there’s the beer distributors: you MUST buy a case of beer or go to a bar and pay whatever they decide to charge you for a 6-pack. What??
    I’d like to buy wine at a shop where the proprietor has handpicked his inventory and can make recommendations. Or how about the convenience of buying wine, beer or liquor at the grocery store! I lived in California for 12 years and this — buying wine at the grocery store — was a cultural benefit. PA’s liquor sales needs to change. If there were a proposition on the next major election ballot asking PA residents if liquor sales should be privatized, I bet the majority would vote Yes!

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