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Polls show Pennsylvania Democrats overtaking rivals

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Two polls out Wednesday show Democratic candidates have wrestled the lead away from their Republican rivals. An Allentown Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll shows U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak has pulled ahead of Republican Pat Toomey.

And a poll of voters in Bucks County’s 8th Congressional District shows the incumbent is also gaining ground.

The Hill 2010 Midterm Election Poll gave Congressman Patrick Murphy a three-point lead over challenger Mike Fitzpatrick in the race. Murphy said his record, and his plans for the future, are drawing voters.

“You’re seeing Democrats, and moderate Republicans, and independents bounce back to say, wait a second I don’t want these tea party candidates to represent my family,” said Murphy. “When I give them my word on what I stand for, what I fight for, like middle-class families, like jobs, like our seniors, and especially my brother and sister veterans – they can take that to the bank.”

With the poll numbers tightening, the two Pennsylvania politicians have been bringing in some big guns to campaign for them. On Wednesday, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin traveled to a senior center in Bristol to talk about protecting Social Security — and to stump for Murphy.

Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie traveled to the district to campaign for Fitzpatrick.

Past polls have shown Murphy trailing Mike Fitzpatrick — at times by double digits.
Fitzpatrick represented the district until he was unseated by Murphy four years ago.


  • Fred Astair says:

    If only WHYY could fire Toomey and Fitzpartick like NPR fired Juan Williams they would not need to write grossly biased stories. Tomorrow on election day Toomey and Fitzpatrick will trounce Sestax and Murphy and fortunately for America your biased reporting did nothing to influence this election.

  • Harry says:

    Once at a meeting with Fitzpatrick in his first term he complained about having to pay for part of his health insurance as all federal employees do. He had enjoyed free health insurance for years as a Bucks County Commissioner. It didn’t matter that he got a substantial raise as a congressman. No, he was just complaining that he had to actually pay for health insurance. It was just one more instance of the way he thinks of himself first.

  • Charles says:

    To correct Gerry’s distortion of Murphy’s military record, here’s the wikipedia entry on Murphy’s military career:

    In 2000, Murphy went on active duty in the Army, joining the military faculty at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he taught constitutional law. He has also lectured at the U.S. Air Force Academy, the International Institute for Humanitarian Rights in Sanremo, Italy, and at Widener.[citation needed] After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Murphy volunteered for overseas deployment, serving in Bosnia (2002) and in Baghdad during the Iraq War (2003–2004). While in Baghdad as a paratrooper and JAG Corps attorney with the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division, Murphy worked to reconstruct the justice system and helped prosecute Sheik Moyad, a lieutenant of Muqtada al-Sadr.[3] Murphy was awarded the Bronze Star for his seven months of service in Iraq.[4]

    So yes he’s a lawyer but he also volunteered for hazardous war duty and was a paratrooper. He also doesn’t refer to himself as a “war hero”, just a vet who understands some of the issues faced by returning soldiers. If he were a Republican you’d be slobbering all over him.

    • Susan says:

      Patrick Murphy is the real deal,a true red-blooded American son who fights for America’s working man. He is committed to the historic values of the Democratic Party. Those of us who draw Social Security and Medicare benefits need to keep this in mind when we go to the polls on Election Day. Don’t be misled by the fear-driven narratives of the Tea Partiers, Fox News and the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

  • Charles says:

    So what if Murphy votes with Pelosi? That’s a GOOD thing. The Democratic congress and President have been working for two years to get us out of the hole the Republicans took eight to dig. The Democrats are the party of ideas and progress. Republicans are the party of negativity, extremism, and tax cuts for the wealthy we can’t afford. If you’re a fiscal conservative look at what happened to the deficit under Clinton (2 years of balanced budgets) and Bush (massive deficits) and vote Democratic. The Republicans offer nothing new except when their candidate is a Tea Party nutjob – and that’s scary!

  • Chuck says:

    Murphy is running the most deceptive ads I’ve ever seen in my life (and I teach advertising) — it would be depressing if the Bucks County electorate bites on these distortions.

    Also remarkable how Murphy says he’ll work with Republicans in his radio ads — he’s voted consistently with Nancy Pelosi and there is no reason to believe him. It’s a flat out lie to anyone who follows this stuff at all.

    William, you really ought to take an international business course. There is not a reputable study out there (or even reasonable line of logic) that would support free trade agreements losing more jobs for Bucks County than the number that have been gained. Only an idiot with no understanding of how economics works would possibly believe what Murphy is saying about Fitzpatrick and the impact of free trade agreements. Makes a nice sound bite. Problem is it’s just not true.

  • Karen says:

    William P seems you’ve duped- Murphy is nothing but a lackey for Pelosi- he doesn’t have a mind of his own- want more Pelosi- vote Murphy

  • hsr0601 says:

    I’d have to say :
    Roll back of Health Care Reform = another Lehman Brothers of U.S. economy.
    Middle class & housing market collapse & an irrevocable cash under the mattress.

  • William P says:

    PA voters are smart and know that returning to the same-ole-same-ole is not a solution. Folks like Patrick Murphy are working to plug the holes left behind from decades of outsourcing. Patrick Murphy’s lifetime record of achievement is impressive. He was the first Iraq war veteran elected to Congress; he also served in the U.S. Army’s Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG); Murphy served as an instructor at the U.S. Military Academy (West Point); he served as a prosecutor in the State of Pennsylvania; the facts reveal that he works tirelessly for folks in Pennsylvania recently brining home to his district 3,000 jobs—just 1 job means so much to a family—vote Patrick Murphy this November or the job you are looking for may just end up being secured by someone in Latin America or in Shanghai.

    • Gerry says:

      Patrick Murphy is such a phony. Yes he served in Iraq…as a lawyer and he tries to represent himself as a war hero! (I served 10 years). Blue Dog Democrat…more like a puppy dog democrat,he votes straight as a arrow in line with Pelosi blowing up our deficit.
      He will never take an unsafe position.

      • Bob Z says:

        How about your boy Fitzpatrick? Lawyer and career politician who presided over some of the largest tax increases in Bucks County while a commissioner and PA while in the state legislature. Then he was a crony and rubber stamp voted with Bush/Cheney and NeoConservatives who outed a CIA operative, got us into war in Iraq based on lies and gave us inflated oil prices, massive unemployment, record budget deficits and started the bailout of banks and Wall Street. What branch of the military did Fitzpatrick serve in? Then he voted against a 3% percent pay raise for our troops and voted against increasing the death benefits for families of troops who died during the Iraq war. And this is who you want us to vote for? The GOP deserves to lose the 8th district if it’s going to keep putting up failed candidates who do the opposite of what they promise, expand the size of government while taking a surplus and creating the largest deficit up to that time then blaming the whole mess on the Dems. Sorry not buying what the GOP and Fitzpatrick is selling, more failed policies and dishonesty.

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