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Corbett vows to privatize state liquor stores

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett wants to privatize Pennsylvania’s state-run liquor stores during his first year as governor.

A spokesman for Democrat Dan Onorato, Corbett’s opponent, said Wednesday that Onorato isn’t rejecting selling the stores, but he would be hesitant to lose the revenue they generate for the state.

Privatizing state liquor stores is one of those ideas that comes up every year in Harrisburg, but never goes anywhere.

Corbett argues Pennsylvania’s dire financial circumstances will give the plan momentum, much like a multibillion-dollar deficit paved the way for legalized table games at casinos this year.

“You have to keep in mind that I don’t think the last seven governors have faced an economic crisis the likes of which Pennsylvania is looking at right now. I think there is a much greater willingness in the general populace, that wants it,” said Corbett. “The voters, I think, want it.”

A Republican lawmaker who’s long pushed for privatization estimates Pennsylvania could generate $2 billion by selling off state stores. Opponents of the idea, including Governor Ed Rendell, say the one-time profit isn’t worth the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Both candidates oppose loosening Pennsylvania’s restrictive beer sales laws.


  • larry star says:

    Everyone will be sorry when they sell the state stores. Where is our tax breaks because of the casino’s, Did everyone forget,The news media did, I wonder why? The polititions keep lying and people fall for it all the time. if we sell the stores we will be fine tommorow, but 2 years down the road when the gov. is gone you’ll see.higher taxes! of course there will be a dem. in office and he will have to raise taxes to fix the mess, Sound familar!!!!!!!!!!! then he will get the whole blame,then the voters will vote republican again and the democrats will be the blame again. Smame story,Look behind the picture and see who the govenor got money from in the elections.probably the Wine industry.

  • R Williams says:

    After you sell the liquor stores and the State is still in debt, what will you sell next?

  • Bree says:

    Why would you want to privatize the Liquor Store? So minors will have easy excess to alcohol. That’s not a good idea at all. First of all the Wine & Spirits are bringing in more many than ever. Why? because people are doing more drinking than drugs. People are staying in than going out. Some places can’t smoke, so people stay home, invite friends over, drink and do what the want. All I’m saying is the people are spending more these days in the Wine & Spirits, which goes to the State. So if it becomes private, do that money get divided up. Makes no sense to me.

  • Bob says:

    There is no reason for the state stores. They offer an inferior selection at higher prices. Are you here because you dislike alcohol, and want to tell a bunch of adults not to partake in a legal activity? Or are you just a shill for UFCW 1776 (the store employees union), who want everyone else to subsidize their salaries?

  • ann says:

    leave the state stores ALONE!

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