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Some say N.J. marijuana program set up to fail

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Some potential patients are critical of the proposed rules for New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. A few of those with serious ailments say the Health Department regulations limiting the number of dispensaries and the strains of the marijuana are too restrictive.

Steven Cuspilich, a Southampton resident who suffers from Crohn’s disease, said the proposed rules would impair his ability to get medical marijuana.

“Because they would force my doctor to become a pot doctor and he doesn’t want to do that. I’ve had a 10-year relationship with him. They would want him to register to where he would sit there and watch you,” said Cuspilich.

Jay Lassiter of Cherry Hill is HIV positive. While he said medical marijuana could help his increase appetite, he believes the proposed regulations are too restrictive

“It almost seems like it would be an easier choice just for us to remain criminals and obtain our cannabis surreptitiously. The rules are so Byzantine,” said Lassiter. “The process is so cumbersome and, frankly, so expensive for many people, it ‘s almost as if it were designed to fail.”

Governor Chris Christie says the proposed regulations comply with the law. But the law’s sponsor, Sen. Nick Scutari. said they don’t and he wants the administration to revise the rules.

One Comment

  • joe spinal says:

    how many people realize that governor christie is playing politics with the deteriorating health of many disabled new jersey residents? he is attempting to popularize himself with politicans on a national stage by using the sick in the state as pawns in his political game of chess. he is clearly out of touch with disabled persons needs and the desires of the vast majority of new jersey residents who approve of medical marijuana. the governor shows no empathy and understanding let alone compassion when it involves the disabled. it is an atrocious assault on our rights and adds to the pain and misery that we live with every day. governor christie’s delays and ridiculously stringent modifications designed to derail the medical marijuana act as was drafted and approved by the legislators and signed by the former governor are downright illegal. failure to enact the medical marijuana law as signed by governor corzine is, in fact, a criminal action – he is in violation of this state’s law by preventing its enactment.

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