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DE GOP offers “army of volunteers” to all Republican candidates

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Nearly one week after Christine O’Donnell’s shocking Senate primary upset of Republican party- endorsed candidate Mike Castle, the party is taking steps to show its support for all candidates running as Republicans.

Last week, Delaware GOP chairman Tom Ross issued a brief statement saying he would honor his commitment to grassroots activists and that the party would unite to back its candidates. ┬áNow the party is relaunching its “Victory Headquarters” in Georgetown.

Ross says, “During the election season, Delaware has the opportunity to elect new candidates with inspiring visions of a better tomorrow.” While he didn’t mention Christine O’Donnell or any candidates by name, the announcement is another step towards reconciling party leadership with the majority of Republican voters who did not vote for the party-endorsed candidates in either the U.S. Senate primary or the House primary.

The campaign program will include volunteer staff who will organize voter outreach, go door-to-door campaigning, and operate phone banks.

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