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Heat won’t keep Tastykakes out of the kitchen

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

As the temperature rises, some businesses could be asked to cut back on power consumption to prevent brownouts and power failures in the region.

At the Tasty Baking Company, complying with that request would not stop the Butterscotch Krimpets and other signature Tastykakes from rolling out of the ovens.

The company’s brand-new facility at the former Navy Yard in Philadelphia was designed for energy efficiency.

Spokeswoman Autumn Bayles says the bakery has high-tech ways to cut energy use, including through computer-controlled heating and cooling.

She says if asked by their energy provider to cut back they would seek to comply.

“It’s not like we have extraneous stuff going on but what we would do is make some concessions to accommodate the event,” she said.

“If there was production that we were running that we didn’t need maybe we would cut back on that,” Bayles said. “We might move some stuff around so we could shut off a freezer.”

Bayles said even though the ovens run at 500 degrees, there is no air conditioning for that part of the building.

Most of the excess heat is circulated back into the ovens. The rest is vented out of the top of the plant.

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