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AIDS activists press Philadelphia on housing

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Philadelphia AIDS activists say the Nutter administration is failing to provide enough homes for those who are suffering with the disease.

About 50 protesters marched around City Hall Wednesday, saying the administration of Mayor Michael Nutter has a two-year waiting list for people with HIV and AIDS who need a place to stay.

Antonio Davis, a member of the group who also is dealing with the disease, says he’s concerned for others who are waiting years for a place to live.

“Within the last 18 months, eight people have died waiting on the AIDS housing list,” he said.

Davis said there are 200 people with diagnoses on the list for housing.

“They continue to be ignored,” he said. “Shelters are not effective housing, it’s not treatment, prevention and care.”

Protesters say people with AIDS should be given priority for housing since living in the streets or in shelters can expose them to other diseases that their bodies can’t fight.

City officials did not comment on the protesters’ contentions.


  • Andrea Johnson says:

    Being the Founder of an organization called GIRL U CAN DO IT, INC., and helping within the fight for life, I have to say we need to look at the process Chicago took to help with housing our beautiful residents infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. It has been repeatedly shown that housing is the key to wellness and yet, we continue to make cuts that push us further and further into the epidemic that continues to become worse by the day. Philly has approximately 200 plus persons waiting for medications, Florida has approximately 500 plus. Stable housing and medications are so desperately needed if we anticipate on bringing this epidemic to an end as people with HIV are in deperate need and are continuing to die at alarming rates. Remember this disease could one day affect and infect you, do something now to help the epidemic.

  • Kate says:

    There are major studies conducted in Chicago that show that safe and stable housing actually helps people with AIDS live longer, and even prevents HIV since people are less likely to engage in risky behavior. Housing for people with AIDS–a no brainer. The Nutter administration needs to get on board and support better public health.

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