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International Space Station Going Strong

Monday, August 20th, 2012

(Photo credit: NASA)

ISS astronauts are hard at work as they perform experiments in microgravity and find out more about what it’s like for humans to be in space. Two sets of astronauts are going out to ISS to do some repairs, two from Russia and also a pair from the Japanese Space Agency who will be erecting a shield for micro meteoroids. How has space walk technology changed over the years? Not a whole lot. The bulky standard is still there to protect against the harsh environment of space, but now engineers have created tasks that can be done with bigger tools and bulky gloves. Also, the latest with Curiosity? It will take another week for Curiosity to take its first steps on the surface. We are getting wonderful hi-resolution pictures back so all things considered we are doing well. And don’t miss what’s in the night sky this week. All this and more on this week’s Sky Talk.

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