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Protesting foreclosures in Philadelphia

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

A protest outside Philadelphia City Hall had people asking for help to stop the foreclosure of their homes. The question is whether banks really want to help a person when they need it the most.

Claire Gaynor of Northeast Philadelphia says she’s been trying for three years to come up with a payment plan to stave off foreclosure.

“They’ve put me through such a run-around of making deals with me and then canceling the deals out saying they never received information, I cannot sleep at night I’ve been in my home for 34 years and I don’t want to lose my home.”

John Dodds of the Save Our Homes Coalition says the story is much too common.

“It’s an ongoing problem in Philadelphia and we’re not the worst, there are worse places all around the country where this is happening.”

Dodds says there is some federal money coming in January, but that doesn’t help the 200 Philadelphians a week who are losing their homes to foreclosure.

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