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Unemployed people rally in Philadelphia

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Numbers released today show the nation’s unemployment rate has dropped slightly – to 9.7 percent. But Philadelphia’s unemployment rate has topped 10 percent consistently for nearly a year.

Local unemployed residents rallied in Center City to call on the government to support the unemployed and create jobs.

The protesters’ shirts said it all: “I need a Job.”

Reverend Randy Barge, from Olney Presbyterian Chruch, spoke to the crowd of about two dozen.

“All three of the major Abrahamic religions tell you that it’s a responsibility of society to take care of the most vulnerable people first,” he said.

Barge said the most vulnerable people are workers and laborers, and that while it wasn’t their policies or greed that led to the recession, they’re the ones who are hurting.

One protester from South Philadelphia said he’s been unemployed for over a year. His message to people who have heard stories of the unemployed again and again over the years? It’s worse than most people think.

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