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Promoters fight additional regulation of shows in Philadelphia

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Promoters are against a bill in Philadelphia City Council that would impose tougher regulations for their shows.

Activists are concerned that the new bill regulating music shows could cut into the civil rights of people to peacefully assemble. Steve Ross is an activist who says the bill proposed by Councilman Bill Greenlee, designed to prevent excessive noise and security problems imposes too many regulations on people who put on a show.

“I do agree these are problems,” Greenlee said, “but I don’t think these are problems that should be solved by making everybody a suspect and trying to get all paperwork that usually as practice goes doesn’t exist. For example, written contracts tend to not actually exist, between venues and artists and venues and promoters. A lot of things are verbal in this industry.”

Ross is also concerned about the provision that gives police an opportunity to shut down shows without a reason, up to 10 days before an event. The bill is expected to be amended before a final vote.

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