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Philadelphia Revenue Department supervisor arrested

Friday, March 26th, 2010

A Philadelphia city worker is facing bribery charges.

Mark Holt has worked for the city almost 20 years, and lately his job was reviewing applications for tax abatements.

Curtis Douglas is a deputy in the investigations division of the District Attorney’s office.

He says City Councilman Jack Kelly tipped off the D.A.’s office.

Douglas: He was contacted by a long-time friend who had applied for a real-estate tax abatement.  That contractor was contacted by someone from the Department of Revenue who wanted cash payment.

District Attorneys detectives set up a sting operation posing as a contractor and met up with Holt giving him an envelope with close to five thousand dollars in cash –  then making the arrest.

Douglas says the investigation is continuing and there is a possibility of more arrests.

One Comment

  • shawn bittenbender says:

    the city has declared me a business owner and is after me for 15,000 plus dollars and as a result of the bad credit reports from the city i can not get employment in my field, casino gaming…i have never dealt cards here in the city so i never needed a license to conduct business here anyway but more importantly i own no business i am trying to get work in the new casinos in the area and they told me with my tax trouble i can’t work but they are in error my tax man assures me the city is wrong !the city is almost impossible to contact and work out my issue…can you offer help maybe embarrassing them would help i think this is news from a human interest viewpoint?

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