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Local fans giddy over return of Lost

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Across the Delaware Valley Lost fans are abuzz about last night’s season premiere.  The show’s in its final season and has drawn a dedicated following with its own vernacular, with words like “the smoke monster” and the “Dharma Initiative.”

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22 year old Spiro Koltsakalis is a Lost fanatic.  He even sees the show’s theme of mysterious interpersonal connections in his own life.  He works at a bank in Northeast Philadelphia.

We all got started talking one day here and it was like the same thing and most of the people were in one way connected to me and I was like, Oh i feel like Jack!  Like the Matthew Fox character cause I think he has the most connections out of everybody but he doesn’t realize it….Like the head teller his mom and my mom went to the same grade school and me and one of the other SCRs – my brother had known him previously but we didn’t realize it.

Unlike many other Lost fans who watch in large groups,  Koltsakalis prefers to watch with his brothers who all obey one simple rule: no talking during the show.

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