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2003 film about gay teens is new again

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Bucks County Community College is dusting off a 2003 film about a young, gay teen from Lebanon County. Nineteen-year-old Jim Wheeler killed himself in 1997.

His mother Susan says the film called “Jim in Bold” is still relevant today. Wheeler says her son was accepted at home, but couldn’t find a comfortable place in high school.

Wheeler: Central Pennsylvania is a very conservative area. He was the butt of a lot of teasings, tauntings and ridicule and he had some tough physical things happen that we only found out about after he died.

The film from Philadelphia director Glenn Holsten features a cross-country trek and several joyous interviews with gay teens who did find support and acceptance in their hometowns.

Holsten: It’s about being aware of what sensitive young people have to endure and about knowing each other better. That’s going to help everybody move forward together with greater understanding of what we have in common as much as what we have different from each other.

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