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Hangover for Election Junkies?

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

A Temple University psychologist says the day after Election Day can leave some people floundering, feeling out of sorts, whether they are resigned to defeat today, or celebrating a victory. From WHYY’s Behavioral Health Desk, Taunya English reports.


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Frank Farley studies political psychology and says the intense passion surrounding the presidential contest has surely created some election news junkies and hardcore campaigners.

Farley: Who had, let’s say, put in hundreds of hours volunteering, knocking on doors, letting a whole lot of other things slide in their life in order to work for their candidate.

Farley says that kind of all-consuming activity probably hasn’t created a problem for most people, but it does leave a void. Even Obama supporters may be suffering post-election let down, but Farley’s more worried about the other side.

Farley: The Mourning After Phenomenon, and I’m spelling mourning as in grieving, you know. It’s over. When you’ve been so deeply engaged in something like this, now what?

Twenty-three-year-old Patrick McQuillan says he’s been tuning in and logging on, everywhere, for the latest news so he could participate in debates with friends and family.

McQuillan: I guess I was just kind of swept up in the craze, almost, everywhere you went somebody wanted to talk to you about it, somebody had their opinion to put out there.

Frank Farley says election junkies should ease themselves back into their old, pre-campaign lives.

Farley: What are some of the things you’ve had to neglect during this incredible campaign? How about your family, how about your friends? How about may be some hobbies that you’ve put on the back burner? You can always come back to the campaign, there will always be campaigns


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