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Tainted honey seized in Philadelphia

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The Food and Drug Administration has just announced that it seized 64 drums of tainted honey from a Philadelphia distribution center last week.

(Photo: Flickr/bunchofpants)

According to FDA sources, the honey was imported from China, and contained the potent anti-biotic “Chloramphenicol” which could lead to serious illness or death. Food safety specialists say that the anti-biotic was likely used to treat diseased hives – which is not legal in the US. According to the World Trade organization, China is the leading exporter of honey.

Dr. Donald Schaffner is a food safety expert with Rutgers University. He says the general increase of Chinese food products sold in America poses some risk to consumers:

Schaffner: “Unfortunately, I have heard food production In China as being likened to the days of the Wild West here, where sometimes people skirt the law, or play right up against the edge of the law.”

Schaffner says scientists have to help China reach safer standards in food production. Food safety advocates say consumers should try to stay informed and also support local food producers.

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