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AARP endorses House health bill

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

The 40-million member group AARP today endorsed the health care overhaul proposal in the US House. This is the first time the group has given a thumbs up to a congressional effort to significantly change health insurance.

AARP represents people over age 50. Stella Hyde is on the executive council for the Pennsylvania branch of AARP. She says one of the appealing provisions in the House bill is a limit on how much more insurance companies are permitted to charge people because of their age.

Hyde: That would have a direct impact on people in this state, absolutely. Especially that 50-64 age group that are not covered by Medicare that have difficulty getting coverage and of finding it affordable.

Hyde says Pennsylvania does not impose limits on so-called “age rating.” Under the House plan, insurers could charge older people no more than twice what it charges younger people.

The House may vote on the bill this week.

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