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Empty seats at Veterans Day ceremonies

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Veterans Day ceremony attendance is dwindling in Philadelphia. At the city’s official remembrance at the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier there were lots of empty seats.

Fewer than 100 people attended the services to remember those who served their country in the military. If you take away those participating in the ceremony, only a handful showed up. Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams says it’s disappointing to see attendance falling off.

“We had thousands and thousands of people for a parade, a deserved parade when the Phillies won the World Series. When you have these men and women who fought for us to protect us and have all the rights we enjoy, it’s only them here to celebrate.”

Williams serves as a Army reservist. Mayor Michael Nutter spoke of those who roam the streets after serving their country.

“It is of course a national disgrace that those who have served their country so well are not receiving the service they need now.”

The mayor says there is more work to do to take care of those who have served in the military.


  • Mark Smith says:

    The reason that there are many empty seats is because the TV media does not give Veterans Day Ceremonies coverage the day(or days) before like they do for a gay event or other cultural event.

    The people are not notified like for the ‘Gay Pride’ day which is given much publicity even when it first started-off.

  • ANDREA says:

    It really never matters whether the seats are empty at any holiday celebrations. Though I will always salute a service person all day every day. Lets keep our focus on the positive because we are living in a world of negativity daily.

  • Seawarrior says:

    A few of veterans have careers in the Corporate of America and am working on Veterans Day. When you see them, thank them for giving their time and service to the country they love America. Also, thanks the active duty military personnel men & women who protects these country from the aggressors and terrorist.

  • Joe Smith says:

    Why do we mention empty seats at a Veterans Day ceremony but we never empty seats at all of the Kwanza events we see on TX each year near the ‘holiday’? Oh yeah, WHYY, left leaning.

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