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Philadelphia aims to regulate Dumpsters

Friday, November 5th, 2010

The city of Philadelphia is cracking down on Dumpsters with a new ordinance. Some business owners say it’s just another tax to deal with while city officials say otherwise.

The city has issued nearly 200 warnings a day for the past two months, telling Philadelphia business owners they must register and acquire a radio frequency ID tag for their Dumpsters. Deputy Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams said the goal is to make the city cleaner by tracking down and fining those who let trash pile up.

“This gives us the opportunity to regulate Dumpsters that have been an issue for the city of Philadelphia in Center City and parts of the business community where Dumpsters would overflow and be kind of a nuisance to businesses and communities,” said Williams.

Williams denied that the regulations are a stealth tax.

“The trash and the smell was the major issue which created a lot of unattractive things such as vermin and mice and rats which run through the city rampantly so we needed to address it,” he said.

Williams says those who have not registered their Dumpsters now face fines of $75 to $150.

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