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Ending Philadelphia’s tax that wasn’t

Friday, November 5th, 2010

A Philadelphia City Councilman wants to repeal the so-called blogger tax. The goal is to help small-time businesses stay out of trouble with the city.

Councilman Bill Green says he wants the city to waive forcing small operations such as blogs from having to register as a business to handle the advertising income. The councilman says bloggers would have to sign a form saying they are writing on line as a hobby and aren’t in business to make money.

“If your income goes over $3,000 a year I would imagine the revenue department will have the resources go back and take a look. It is the intention to remove administrative burden from the Revenue Department in terms of sending out notices to people who have $11 from Google ads or something else.”

The councilman says the city won’t miss the money because it isn’t receiving it now. He’s hopeful the bill will be approved.

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