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Moderate voter turnout in Philadelphia

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

So far, the polls in Philadelphia have had decent turnout for a non-Presidential election.

A coffee shop on Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia was open early for the pre-commute crowd, with many voters making the decision of whether to get their caffeine before or after doing their civic duty.

Ann Kringle opted for voting first. She was disappointed by the campaign season.

“The amount of negativity and the sheer number of non-informative ads is difficult to take. I think there’s a lot of money flooding into the races and that worries me.”

Joanna Walker says she avoids campaign advertisements as propaganda.

“I’m always torn – I always feel I’m voting for the lesser of two evils. But at the same time I come out and vote – I don’t know how I really feel when it comes down to it.”

According to the election watchdog group The Committee of Seventy, there have been some mishaps so far, including distributing campaign material inside a polling place, arguments among polling inspectors, and a broken lock at a voting station in West Philly that required workers to break down the door with a sledgehammer.

One Comment

  • Eileen Carpenter says:

    It’s difficult to compare turnout in different districts. A neighborhood with a lot of rental properties will have a significant number of people on the voter rolls who no longer live at the listed addresses. There’s no way of knowing the true denominator when deciding what percentage of people came to vote.

    I spoke to a lot of people while canvassing today, and all but one had already voted or were on their way to do so. There was very little apathy, just lots of apartments with new tenants.

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