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Some absentee ballots go awry in Philadelphia

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Philadelphia election officials said Monday the postal service has failed to properly deliver some absentee ballots.

When a voter applies for and is sent an absentee ballot, he or she marks it with votes, seals it and mails it in. But in a handful of cases, voters say ballots they mailed were returned to them instead of being delivered to the board of elections.

Election officials say the problem isn’t widespread, and they will make every effort to ensure those votes are counted.

If you have a problem with your absentee ballot in Philadelphia, call 215-686-3469

One Comment

  • Francis says:

    Loyal citizens should watch for irregularities in Absentee Ballots and at the Polling Stations.Early registrations are specifically vulnerable to voter fraud, when they are filled-in at a home. Illegal Aliens are certain to take the risk of voting for Senator Reid and the majority of Democrats as its their last great hope for an AMNESTY. Once you break our immigration law, they have nothing to lose? In addition, the SEIU Union in different States has a contract to maintain electronic machines, so how can they be trusted not to manipulate the results for Senator Reid and others, specifically when millions of dollars in Union dues were applied to ad campaigns?

    Senior Citizens are especially easy targets when arriving to vote, so each voter should carefully check the screens to be positive that they are not voting for the opposite party. This happened in Nevada and although this error was classed as a machine sensitivity issue by polling officers, one cannot take such incidents as a rare mistake. For more information on Voter fraud, just add those prior keywords to Google. Here you will be able to judge for yourself, if these circumstances are infrequent or leading up in some cases to recounts in close races. Liberal extremists will do anything, even violate federal law; to try and alter the outcome of this midterm election?

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