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Political passions running high in Bucks County

Monday, November 1st, 2010

As democrats battle to hold the House of Representatives, several hotly contested races are being fought in Pennsylvania.

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Soon after Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy began speaking at a Dolylestown rally, a white van decorated with tea party slogans showed up, provoking a tense shouting match between the driver and Democratic supporters.

Phrases like “We’re not taking it anymore!” and “You’re not an American!” were tossed back and forth between the factions.

An angry democrat ripped a flag off the tea party van, police arrived, and the rally went on.  Murphy told the crowd it’s the Republicans who screwed up the economy.

“They make this mess, and then they turn around and say look at the Democrats.  Yeah, we’re cleaning up their mess, then they have the audacity, the hutzpah, to complain about it.”

At a rally in Bristol later, Republicans spoke with swaggering confidence, anticipating a victory.  Mike Fitzpatrick, whom Murphy unseated four years ago, promised he’ll be back.

“I’ll be sworn in with the new majority, fire speaker Pelosi, because Murphy’s gone, and Pelosi’s gone and Reid is gone, and in November 2012, Obama’s gone as well.”

Polls show the former adversaries running neck and neck.


  • Steve (Bucks County, PA) says:

    Murphy told us all he was a Blue Dog Democrat, then went out and supported cap and trade, Obamacare, and 2 stimulus bills. He also avoided town hall meetings like the black plague and has repeatedly not answered questions directly. He has made a hard left turn and doesn’t fit with the electorate in Bucks County. Fitzpatrick is more moderate and should win this race.

    • George Birds says:

      Fitzpatrick is a right wing ideologue who is anti-choice, against embryonic stem cell research, supports DADT, and never met a gun he didn’t like. For years Bucks was represented by a moderate Republican in Jim Greenwood, but when he left the best that Boss Fawkes could come up with was a wing nut like Fitzpatrick. Pathetic.

  • buckstrucks says:

    Murphy turned his back on this district. He thought it was more important to be in the good graces of Rachel Maddow than the people of the 8th!

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