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Obama’s not on the ballot, but he’s on posters

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

An unusual political poster has popped up in Center City Philadelphia.

The poster plastered around City Hall features President Obama sitting at his desk with the message “Support Obama, Vote Tuesday November second.” Of course, the President isn’t on the ballot this year. Larry Ceisler, publisher of politicspa.com, says the poster is the latest attempt to motivate Democratic voters.

“Even though they have a million vote registration advantage in Pennsylvania there is just no demonstrated enthusiasm for people to come out and vote. It doesn’t matter if you have a million more people on the rolls if they don’t come to the polls you might as well be even.”

Ceisler says the return of President Obama to Philadelphia this weekend for the second time in a month also shows how much effort Democrats are devoting to Pennsylvania’s races for governor and US Senate.

One Comment

  • David says:

    Take them down NOW They are on public property! If you see one, I urge you to take it down. It doesn’t matter if it’s supporting a Republican, Independent or Democrat – despite the worthy message of getting out to vote. Our government employee’s jobs are to serve US. We, the tax payers, and not to be engaged in activities promoting any political party or individual. If they do, they need to place these posters on their own private property, or that (private property) for which they’ve obtained approval.

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