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O’Donnell, Coons debate at WHYY

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Delaware’s candidates to fill Vice President Joe Biden’s old Senate seat squared off in a debate Wednesday at WHYY-TV in Wilmington.

The hour-long debate between Republican Christine O’Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons will air in its entirety Wednesday night at 7. The debate will also air through the weekend. You’ll also be able to view the entire exchange at whyy.org/delaware beginning on Thursday.

Coons and O’Donnell offered different views on a number of topics, from how to fix to the economy to bickering in Washington.

Here are a few clips from Wednesday’s debate:

Chris Coons and Christine O’Donnell talk about the Constitution.


The candidates debate whether to raise the retirement age for social security.


Coons and O’Donnell discuss plans to reach out across the aisle to end bickering in Washington.



  • Nancy Erken says:

    Coons is exactly the boiler plate phony politician this country is trying to get away from! And, just incidentally, notice how when give an opportunity, once again, to name all 5 of the freedoms in 1st amendment,he couldn’t, he just said,”of course I do”.
    He gives the same old same old repetitive say nothing answers that phony lifetime politicians have given for years and years.

  • werD says:

    I think Christine has a lot of good points, and I think one day she’ll make some real changes in Washington, but now is not her time. She is too uneducated about the system, the constitution, and has very little experience. Her own finances have been a mess for a while and has spouted outright lies about her education. She needs to get her affairs in order before she attempts to get Delaware’s in order. Christine, if you are not elected, get your stuff in order, get some experience, and for God’s sake, don’t be a Tea Party Puppet! I’m voting for Chris!

    • Christy Found says:

      I do not choose to wear blinders to what people like Coons say (whatever gets a vote) and then end up doing (raising taxes). Come on now, do you really think he cares about us?! He is a arrogant lawyer (lead council) for his Families Co., that’s it. He was slid into his current position by those very same “DE Way” types that Christine has already defeated. You say she has no experience? What experience did Obama have? He never was present for votes in the senate and was a community organizer who had very questionable friends and people like you made him our Commander and Chief! Don’t go with experience to denounce Christine. She has the heart of a lion and will do what needs to be done to get us back to where we should be!

  • Not Smoking Crak Like You says:

    Coons is a slithering non-bearded marxist. He wouldn’t know the constitution if it sent him on a soul searching trip to Africa.

  • Alan says:

    These debates are retro-Palin all the way. I noticed O’Donnell got a pocket Constitution. Clever. Just indicative of how she repeatedly betrays her ignorance and attempts to compensate in the next debate.

    A nightmare scenario: in a bizzarro world, Christine is elected. On day one, with the full weight of the Senatorial office on her shoulders, just exactly how much “compensation” would she do? WOuld it matter once the prize was attained? Or would we have a “just add Christine O’Donnell” recipe for scandal or national humiliation on our hands?

    Let’s not send a neophyte who thinks that national government should only consist of the enumerated powers in the Constitution to Washington … it would mean “bye bye” to Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Compensation, and many other services that we as a people view as basic and necessary.

    • Earl Grey says:

      How many politicians have the Constitution memorized? I was surprised she didn’t have a pocket Constitution at the Widener debate.

      Let’s hope Delawareans do think that we need to get back to our representatives following the Constitution and not allow them to be like cafeteria-Constitutionalists where they pick and choose which parts fit their needs best.

      All the entitlement programs you listed need significant work (not taken away) but seriously changed. 99 weeks of unemployment (2 years) is way too long. We also need to seriously go after and prosecute those involved in fraud and abuse of any of these programs!

  • Anthony C. says:

    You’re kidding right? She’s most uneducated person ever to participate in politics.
    “I’m not a witch”? Seriously?

  • Suzy Q says:

    Christine will be a Senator who will make Delaware proud. Go girl! You may be the one to save this country!

    • WhatRU Smoking?? says:

      She will be the one to make Delaware look like the land of stupidity. And if she teams up with a group of like-minded milliwits, she could flush our country down the toilet.

      • Not Smoking Crak Like You says:

        Hey dimwit, Delaware already looks like the land of stupidity cuz you morons elected Joe Biteme, the walking gaf machine who has an IQ higher than yours and was sooooo smart he dropped out of law school only to go back in and “make the top half of his class”. The idiots there voted for the guy who constantly lies and says the dumbest things. I hope you are not Indian, cuz then you would be even more dumb for voting for him.

        • Christy Found says:

          What the heck are you smoking! Joe Biteme is the most laughable guy in Washington next to Barney Frank. He stupidity has made us all look like tools!

  • amy Converse says:

    Christine, Have a great Ad.. ..Socialisium
    Our Country is at a Crossroads. Do you believe in larger government,more taxes and less freedom? or Less government, less taxes and more freedom. The choice is yours… Christine O’Donnell, Republican

  • Tim says:

    “Delaware’s candidates to fill Vice President Joe Biden’s old Senate seat…”

    Sorry to inform you, Bill, but it’s the people of Delaware’s Senate seat. The only thing worse than politicians arrogance at believing the seat belongs to them, are journalists who reinforce that arrogance.

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