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Drivers now face snow job in New Jersey

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

While wintry weather is still a way off, a new law went into effect Wednesday in New Jersey that requires motorists to remove all snow and ice from their vehicles before going out on the roads.

The law is intended to prevent accidents from ice and snow that fly off vehicles.

Gail Toth, executive director of the New Jersey Motor Truck Association, said interstate truckers are concerned about how they’ll comply with the law.

“We know of no public snow removal facilities for commercial trucks,” said Toth. They’re 13 and a half feet high. It’s nearly impossible. It’s a very difficult situation.”

State Police say most of the big trucking companies have installed ice-cleaning equipment at their depots, and truckers on their way to them will not be ticketed.

After allowing time for motorists to become aware of the new law, police say they will aggressively enforce it.


  • Scott Heppard says:

    So my 93 year old grandfather with a replacement hip is supposed to bend over backwards for 15 minutes to clear off his station wagon before going out in the snow for food, or get a ticket? What’s next, writing a ticket for not clearing my driveway within a specified time period after snowfall stops??? Absolutely ridiculous way for the state to nail us all to the collective wall even more.

    • Don Sell says:

      Come on dude…any 93 year old has no business driving in adverse conditions….where is his family….ie GRANDCHILD??

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