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New Jersey weighs new rules for teen drivers

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Driver safety advocates are backing legislation that would add new requirements for teens to obtain a driver’s license in New Jersey.

The bill sponsored by Assembly Transportation Committee Chairman John Wisniewski is aimed at helping young people better prepare for the potential dangers of driving. It would require a parent to certify their teen has completed 50 hours of supervised driving before being able to get a probationary license.

Cathleen Lewis with AAA New Jersey says 10 of those hours would have to be under adverse driving conditions.

“It may seem scary to let your child go out and drive in the rain with you, ” said Lewis. “But would you rather them learn it while you’re sitting next to them or learn it by themselves that one dark night when it starts to rain?”

The time a young driver must have a learner’s permit to be eligible for a probationary license would increase to 12 months, double the current minimum.

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