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Gun-control group backs Onorato

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Pennsylvania’s leading gun violence-prevention organization, CeaseFire PA, has endorsed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato. The gun-control advocates support Onorato’s position on a particular piece of legislation.

The “Castle Doctrine” bill lawmakers may send to the governor’s desk expands the definition of personal property and removes the duty to retreat. In effect, it would allow people to defend themselves with deadly force when attacked.

Onorato opposes the legislation.

“We have a Castle Doctrine right now. We have one in Pennsylvania and I’m going to defend it but I will not expand it because that’s not a Castle Doctrine, that’s Yard Doctrine, that’s a Sidewalk Doctrine, that’s a Driveway Doctrine,” said Onorato. “It’s not in your home anymore.”

Republican Tom Corbett staked out his position in a debate over the weekend.

“I would sign it. This has been hotly debated throughout the legislature. It deals with somebody using weapons for self-defense,” said Corbett. “It clarifies what really are existing rules out there in many court cases. But it puts it into statute.”

The two candidates also differ on a bill requiring gun owners to report when a firearm is lost or stolen. Corbett opposes it, Onorato supports it.


  • Pero says:

    Onorato is a bad ass :) i’m voting for him. he is obviously the best candidate. corbett is an unqualified conservative. idiot.

  • Jon says:

    Thanks for the article…now I know not to vote for Onorato…

    • Pero says:

      Oh really? How did this article sway your vote, may i ask? It doesn’t present real views really. Just semi-factual mud slinging.

  • Robert Slater says:

    There is no reason not to pass the Castle Doctrine law. What PA has is a very weak version, and not similar at all to the one codified in the state law of over 25 other states. It only serves to protect people who have defended themselves from civil litigation and unreasonable prosecution. It protects victims from being victimized a second time by criminals wishing to cash in on people who were put in that position by their criminal acts. It doesn’t result in vigilantism or “blood in the streets” as so many nonsensical organizations like ceasefire PA have claimed. The empirical data is entirely on the side of this law.

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