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Christine O’Donnell in Dover

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Christine O’Donnell, the Republican tea party-supported candidate for US Senate, spoke in Kent County on the same day that President Obama and Vice-President Biden appeared in Wilmington on behalf of her Democratic opponent, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons.

O’Donnell took part in a discussion at the Delaware Farm Bureau in Camden, as candidates for elected office appeared separately.  The Delaware Farm Bureau has about 4,900 members.  Their issues of concern included the estate tax, the impact of international trade agreements and tariffs on soybeans and poultry products, and environmental and utility regulations.


Landowners are concerned about the estate tax, also known as the “death tax,” which could affect efforts to keep farms in the family.

“I do believe there are some Democratic senators, especially in the heartland, that I can work with,”  O’Donnell said.  “I think that I could probably work with them, and Senator Carper, since farming is one of our main industries here.  I believe that with enough senators with political will, we can get that done.”

O’Donnell also told the farmers she would look at the other issues affecting them to determine what’s best for Delaware agriculture.


  • siteunseen says:

    I’ve always thought that there shouldn’t be a Death Tax, due to the fact that the monies accumulated by parents over the years, were already taxed, and they took what they could and put it away for the future. If the family collects some of that money after their death, say after monies owed for utilities, property taxes, etc. or any outstanding bills, then why should they have to pay “another tax?” Americans are being taxed to death here in this country. Everywhere you turn there is another Tax. Here in Oregon I renewed by drivers license and had to go through DEQ. The cost was about $89.00 after I passed to renew my license. I had to buy another car a few months later, because my first car had a leaking head gasket. The newer vehicle which I purchased (’93 Olds Cutlass) didn’t have the new plates on yet, so I had to go through DEQ Again, and what to my surprise, that they raised my DEQ with License to $124.00. Why? So we could have a bridge built in my District. Then I just found out they may not build the bridge with those funds. Who’s running Oregon? Certainly not the Republicans, and these are all Democrat policies which come into play and tax the h**l out of everyone here in Portland. Death Tax, Property Tax, Tri-Met Tax, Business License Tax, etc., etc.,etc. and on into infinity. A Vote for Christine is a vote for common sense spending and taxation. Christine can come to Oregon anytime. We sure need her here!

  • Publius says:

    Don’t see how the estate tax will affect farmers; their assets aren’t high enough for them to qualify for it

  • On The Border says:

    If the Delaware voters send another Socialist/Marxist to the Senate then we should abandon building a fence along the Southern border and instead put one around Delaware to to keep you from escaping from you insane asylum state and polluting the rest of the country! LOL

  • Jonathon Moseley says:

    People really need to see Christine O’Donnell speak. Her campaign speeches and TV appearances are being collected for viewing at:

  • Ted says:

    Campaign advice for O’Donnell now that Blue Cross Blue Shield (in Connecticut) is raising premiums more than 50% due to ObamaCare:

    Coons = ObamaCare
    O’Donnell = NO ObamaCare
    Case closed.

    • Becky says:

      Let’s see your evidence there Ted. I don’t believe that BCBS is raising rates 50% in CT. Sorry!

      • Phil says:

        Becky, I love how nieve you are. I am not sure about the 50% increase in premiums by BCBS in Connecticut, but I can assure you costs will have to increase. Not only has Mr. Obama said that healthcare costs are going to increase as a result of healthcare reform, the CBO has come out subsequently after the law passed saying that the bill will increase the deficit. Let me give Mr. Obama a quick lesson in basic economics, Less supply (insurance companies) = Higher prices, More demand (insurees) = Higher prices. Where does that leave us…….oh yes, higher prices. We should just look at Massachuesetts.

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