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Nutter: rising murder rate not because of cuts

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

The murder rate in Philadelphia is up over last year.

Mayor Michael Nutter says the uptick in the murder rate is not due to cutting back on police overtime, but people who are out of control.

“My primary concern is that there is still bad extremely bad behavior by people who don’t know how to manage their personal issues and engage other people in the public in a way that results in violence . This is about personal behavior. We should live a society where if people were better able to control themselves we wouldn’t have many of the things going on on the streets of Philadelphia in the first place.”

Mayor Nutter says the homicide rate in several other major cities is up and in Philadelphia violent crime on the whole is down compared to when he took office. He says the police department is doing the best it can to keep people as safe as possible.

One Comment

  • PhillyLove says:

    Um. Murders are up to 202 from 195 in 2009, down from 205 in 2008, and down from 273 in 2007. Compared to the last two years, this is statistical noise. Compared to 2007 that is a 25% reduction. Hey there will be about 400 more Philadelphians alive at the end of this year, than there would have if the 2007 rate continued. I think that is a pretty good thing.

    Good job PPD and the Mayor.

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