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Doylestown considers expanding anti-discrimination protections

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Monday night the Doylestown Borough Council will decide whether to pass an anti-discrimination ordinance to add sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to the existing state and federal civil rights laws.

The ordinance would protect people, says Det Ansinn, Council President of Doylestown Borough.

“Let’s say you were discriminated against for housing – someone wasn’t going to rent to you because you were involved in a gay relationship, because of your orientation. This ordinance would make that type of discrimination not permitted in the Borough.”

Ansinn says the ordinance has a lot of community support and he won’t be surprised if it passes unanimously.

Opponents say the ordinance is intended to validate the homosexual, bisexual and transgender lifestyles. They assert being gay is a choice and so should not be included in anti-discrimination laws.

Sixteen other jurisdictions in Pennsylvania – including New Hope, Allentown and Philadelphia – have passed already similar ordinances.


  • NONEED1 says:

    These laws are strictly pandering to activists and seek to assault those who simply wish to exercise common decency. There is absolutely zero equivalence in terms of perverted relationships to ones that result from a first grade observation of the human body.

    The Netherlands has legalized it all and it is a mess. Homosexual “marriages’ (an oxymoron by definition) last an average of 18 months and the society has been greatly undermined.

    Nobody is arresting these folks – it is absurd to try to gain legitimacy on a voluntary behavior on the same basis as innate skin color.

    It is politics, not a redress of grievance. Where are the rights of those who want to screen who is in a unit of their duplex or triplex so that they can live in peace and without their children being constantly exposed to perverted behavior. It is the straight family that is suffering the most offense here. The others should seek psychological counseling instead of working so hard to insist that what is not normal IS normal.

  • DtownPride says:

    As we see the fear-based and homophobic comments appear – it reminds us exactly WHY this anti-discrimination ordinance and education on lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender rights is so desperately needed. MANY agencies, businesses and organizations are behind this – but mostly it’s the people of Doylestown who are behind this – and it’s because we believe in civil rights, social justice and unity in diversity.


    Det Ansinn and Don Berk are pandering to the LGBTQ community ..it’s the latest radical progressive trend. They will now be responsible for allowing Dtown to become another freak show in Bucks County just like New Hope. Pandering to the radical deviants will not attract more families to Dtown. Shameful. Why was Planned PARENTHOOD OF BUCKS COUNTY BEHIND THIS TOO?

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