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New Jersey state worker bill still rankles

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

A controversial residency bill for New Jersey state workers is among the myriad measures the Legislature will consider before breaking for summer.

In an unusual move, Pennsylvania state lawmakers are urging their Garden State counterparts to vote against the bill.

The bill requires new state workers to live in New Jersey. It has a grandfather clause exempting current out-of-staters from having to make the move unless they are tranferred or promoted.

Bucks County State Representative Steve Santasiero says even if the bill passes, he hopes the grandfather clause is broadened.

“Our hope had been originally and still remains that they would simply have a blanket grandfather clause . If you work in the state as a public employee but live outside of it as of the date that the law is adopted you’re grandfathered. Period.”

Santasiero says the bill would affect 3,000 families in his district alone.

Another Pennsylvania lawmaker is threatening a retaliatory law if enacted “as-is.”

The New Jersey Senate has passed the bill. It’s awaiting a vote in the Assembly.

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