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Investigations escalate in unresolved North Philadelphia election

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Nearly a month after the May 18th primary, no result has been certified in a bitterly contested legislative race in North Philadelphia . One candidate appeared before city election officials to ask them to investigate charges of voter fraud.

The state attorney general’s office is already looking into candidate Jonathan Ramos’ allegations that incumbent state representative Angel Cruz and his allies bullied voters and stole votes on election day. Ramos’ attorney Kevin Greenberg told Philadelphia city commissioners he’s found several polling places in Cruz’s 7th ward where machines show more Democratic votes cast than Democratic voters who showed up.

“There is very clearly throughout the district problems with these machines. Somebody got to them and recorded votes”

Cruz denies wrongdoing. but so far won’t respond directly to Ramos charges. City election officials told Ramos they’d take the matter under advisement. With the unofficial count giving Cruz a 142 vote lead, a court will eventually have to decide who won the race.


  • Cromulent says:

    Why *wouldn’t* there be voter intimidation in Philadelphia? The Black Panthers did it, and this administration quashed the efforts of career prosecutors to bring the scum to justice. So why not these guys?

  • Jannett Rivera says:

    It is very important that the Attorney Generals office investigate these charges as this has been an on going problem in the 180th district for 10 years. I am demanding that the Cruz bulling stop. We should not have to look over our shoulders in fear of these people because we do not vote for them.

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