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Republican to challenge Philadelphia Mayor

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

A Republican candidate has emerged to challenge Philadelphia Mayor Nutter’s re-election bid next year.

John Featherman is a Philadelphia realtor who’s run for office as a Republican before, but he says he supported and contributed to Democrat Nutter in 2007. He says he was swayed by Nutter’s agenda of reform and transparency. Now Featherman has registered a committee to run against the mayor, because he says Nutter failed to control spending and taxes, and hasn’t been the inspirational leader the city needs.

“He’s very erudite. He’s affable, and it’s sort of the kind of thing when you fire a friend, somebody you support and you tell them we appreciate everything you’ve done, but we feel it’s time for a change and that’s what we’re going to have a change.”

Featherman knows the odds are long running as a Republican. And because he’s part of an insurgent group challenging party leaders he doesn’t expect an easy path to the nomination. Republican party chairman Vito Canuso said he’d consider Featherman, but is waiting to hear from other candidates.


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