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Bicycle-powered cabs take Philadelphia

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Philadelphia has a new eco-friendly way to get around. Bicycle-powered cabs are hitting the streets of Philadelphia.

There are two types of bicycle cabs, one the traditional rickshaw style, the other is high tech with a battery powered motor to help when necessary. Sean Leahy drives one of the high tech cabs. He says it’s a workout and a head-turner.

“It’s by far the biggest workout I’ve ever had in my life, it’s awesome. You’re going down the road everyone on the sidewalk turns their head, you know what’s that can I get a picture, can I talk to you can I get a ride everyone loves it.”


There are expected to be a 15 of the human-powered cabs on the streets this summer, targeted at the tourist trade. Brett Stuppy is visiting from St Louis. He thinks the cabs are a good idea.

“Maybe it will get rid of some of the traffic in downtown Philly.”

The fare for the ride is a dollar per person per block.

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