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Camden asks for tips to combat ATV’s

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Camden, New Jersey has been plagued by crime, poverty, and blight. But Saturday Camden law enforcement is announcing a crack down on another problem: all terrain vehicles. Officials are counting on tips through a hot-line and website.

Zipping around the streets of Camden on an ATV is illegal, but plenty of people still do it, says Angel Osorio–the Community Justice Director for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

“One of our biggest problems is in our parks because…they make it impossible for anybody to use the park for soccer or baseball or anything like that that the children want to play…And it’s an extremely severe safety hazard for those around the ATVs as well as those operating them.”

Osorio says instead of creating a potential public safety hazard by chasing the ATVs officials are counting on tips from the community to help find them.

The prosecutor’s office says 23 vehicles were confiscated last year. So far this year fourteen have been taken.

One Comment

  • Mike Smith says:

    Fencing at ballfields is a quick solution. It’s cheaper than having the police patrol the areas.

    Also, ATV sales should be registered, like a car so the state can track them.

    Parents buying them for children would be help responsible and fined. if thier child is caught riding illegally.

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