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Tom Corbett subpoenas Twitter for names of critics

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

The hot issue in the Pennsylvania Governor’s race right now is Twitter. Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett has subpoenaed the social networking site calling for a representative to appear as a grand jury witness.

The subpoena orders Twitter to provide information about two accounts that have been the source of tweets critical of Corbett.

During a trip to Philadelphia to greet local politicians, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Allegheny County executive Dan Onorato said Corbett has used his office in a political way.

“If you wanna run for Governor people have the free speech to talk about us. You don’t think I got blogs talkin’ about me? Well you know what you can’t subpoena somebody because they say something negative about you. It’s the nature of the beast and to me that’s using your office politically.”

On Wednesday in Harrisburg, Corbett declined to comment – citing it as a “grand jury matter.”

One Comment

  • Jens Hansen says:

    Maybe he ought to be concentrating on more important issues like putting an end to the barbaric pigeon shoot in his State!

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