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It’ll be way more interesting in November

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

The Pennsylvania governor’s race, that is.

In sports, gamblers call it the chalk.

The favorites won. The favorites won easily.

Dan Onorato, Allegheny County executive and, in reality, Gov. Rendell’s preferred successor, won the Democratic nomination easily. 

 Meanwhile, state Sen. Anthony Williams showed that if, mysteriously, you can a couple of rich guys to give you $3 millio- plus to play with, you can run a bizarre race that earns you 19 percent of the vote.

Jack Wagner proved that you can hold statewide office and have a great head of hair, but if you have no money to buy television ads, it’s tough to win.

And Joe Hoeffel has proved decisively that he will never again be a factor in a statewide race. He’s tried for most of them, and it’s just not working.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Tom Corbett easily won the GOP nod over hardy perennial Peg Luksik.

One question for voters in the fall will be did Corbett do the Commonwealth a service by pressing hard for charges and trials in the  Bonusgate scandal – in which Harrisburg lawmakers definitely violated the public trust by blatantly using public dollars to run for office – or did he politicize the office by mostly (not entirely, but mostly) going after Democratic office holders and staffers?

One Comment

  • Giles Farnaby says:

    I’ll be very interested to see if Tom Corbett runs as more of a centrist for November, now that he has secured the gubernatorial nod from his party.
    Will he cater to the tea-party crowd as he did in the primary race, or appear to be the moderate I had assumed he was in the first place?

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