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Specter touts Obama’s endorsement in new TV ad

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

In the hotly-contested Pennsylvania Senate primary, incumbent Arlen Specter has begun airing TV ads featuring President Obama’s endorsement.

Specter’s challenger, congressman Joe Sestak, has been mocking Specter’s newly-minted Democratic identity with ads showing him palling around with George W. Bush.

Now Specter strikes back with ads featuring the nation’s leading Democrat.

“Arlen Specter cast the deciding vote in favor of a recovery act that has helped pull us back from the brink,” says Obama in the advertisement, “because you know he’s going to fight for you regardless of what the politics are.”

President Obama made the comments during a fundraiser for Specter in September 2009.

Villanova University analyst Lara Brown says the dueling ads may cancel each other out.

“The Democrats are probably not going to be as excited about President Obama as they were in 2008,” says Brown. “And they’re probably not going to be as angry with President Bush, because he’s no longer the president.”

Polls show the race is a dead heat. The election is next Tuesday.

Watch the ad:


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