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Commissioner: Philadelphia cop shot himself, lied to investigators

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

A white Philadelphia police officer who said he was shot by an African-American suspect apparently made the story up.

When Sergeant Robert Ralston suffered a gunshot wound in his shoulder last month, he told officials that he was attacked by two African-American men while on duty in West Philadelphia.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says Ralston has admitted that he shot himself and fabricated the story.

Ramsey says making up the racially-tinged lie hurts the whole department.

“He violated the trust that people had given him,” says Ramsey, “our core values of honor, service, and integrity. We’ll confiscate his badge and it will never be worn by another member of this department because he’s tarnished it.”

Ramsey says police kept investigating the case from early April because Ralston’s story never checked out.

The homicide department brought Ralston in for questioning early Tuesday morning. After four hours of questioning, and in exchange for immunity from criminal prosecution, Ralston admitted he had made up the story.

Ramsey says the department will go after Ralston to recover all the money spent investigating the bogus allegation. Ralston has been suspended with the intent to dismiss.

One Comment

  • Bettina says:

    This incident is just one of many that occur in urban neighborhoods on a daily basis. They may not be on this grand scale, but I am sure that there were many innocent individuals who were questioned, frisked or possibly arrested under suspicion of committing this alleged act against this rouge police officer just because they may have ” fit the description “. He should be not only fired but he should also be put in jail and have all the inmates made aware of his charges. I’m so sick of hearing these types of stories.

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