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Corbett unveils education plan for Pennsylvania

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett wants to overhaul Pennsylvania’s teacher evaluation system.

Visiting a York charter school with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Corbett unveiled his education platform.

Corbett wants to change the way the commonwealth’s teachers are evaluated by looking at student testing data, but also creating individual benchmarks for each educator.

“Where do I need to improve?” Corbett asked rhetorically. “Do I need to improve in my skills of sitting with a student and taking them through my classroom presentation? Am I capturing the interest of my students?”

“Teaching is a very unique profession,” he says. “We’ve all known we’ve had very good teachers, and some not so good teachers.”

Corbett says he supports the Rendell Administration’s increase in state basic education funding, but he wants to improve accountability benchmarks to make sure schools are taking advantage of the money.

Corbett is calling for an A through F school grading system, which would include student test scores, graduation rates and other factors.

One Comment

  • Tom S says:

    Please don’t do this, Jeb. You must not have vetted Corbett. If you did you would have seen his cash from Labor, Teacher & State Unions. You’d have seen he’s Unopposed to forced unionization, has no plan for PA’s 2012 pension crisis, is “Undecided” on offering property tax relief, and calls the Constitution is a “Living Document.”

    Corbett is the PA GOP’s next attempt at Arlen Specter.

    Sam Rohrer is the true conservative, and Rohrer will win the primary. Union money can’t stop the grassroots.

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