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Threaten Congress? You’ll have to go through Brady

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Hundreds of threats have been recorded against members of congress from people complaining about their votes on health care reform.  The top cop of the Capital Police reports to a Philadelphia Congressman.

Congressman Bob Brady has been called the “Mayor of Capital Hill” because of his position as Chairman of the Committee on House Administration.  He says the Capital Police investigates threats against congressmen and reports back to him.

Brady: And a lot of time they kind of think they become a martyr or a hero if they actually follow through with their threat, they would be a hero to their cause and that’s wrong.  They want to come against us vote against us or run somebody against us and support the opponent.  But as far as threatening someone doing their job and what they believe, we have the same right to have a philosophical view as they do.

Congressman Brady says only Congressman Patrick Murphy has been threatened in the Philadelphia area delegation.  A threat could result in arrest and jail time.  Brady says all threats are being investigated.

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