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Health warning about fake marijuana in Delaware

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Three people in Sussex County, Delaware were hospitalized over the weekend after ingesting a synthetic marijuana know as “Spice” or “K2″.  The three Seaford residents had trouble breathing and heart palpitations.  Two of them were treated and released, the other was admitted.

The incident is cause for concern among Delaware health officials who have been monitoring similar cases in the Midwest.  Kevin Huckshorn is the director of Delaware’s Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.  She says the synthetic marijuana is four times as potent as traditional marijuana.


She says the synthetic marijuana is produced by spraying a “cannabinoid-like” substance onto dry herbs.  The result ends up looking similar to chopped up tobacco or potpourri, and it’s typically sold in head shops and some convenience stores as incense.  Huckshorn because there’s no way to determine what chemical’s have been sprayed on the herbs, smoking or ingesting the substance is a gamble.  “Since you don’t know what it’s being mixed with, it’s a crap shoot.”

It’s not clear whether synthetic marijuana is actually illegal.  Huckshorn says it may be covered under analog drug laws, which outlaws any chemical that is very similar in make up and affect to an illegal substance.  “You can’t create and then sell an aspirin that acts as a Vicodin without having to go through the same process as the Vicodin, because the drug that you’ve just created it does the same thing, so we don’t care that it’s not called the same thing.”  Other states have taken action to specifically list synthetic marijuana as an illegal substance.

Health officials say anyone who’s used “Spice” or another synthetic should call the local poison center at 1-800-222-1222.


  • Christina says:

    Of course there should be age restrictions on k2 incense, as with tobacco and alcohol, but these bans are just another knee-jerk reaction by our Government to control what we can and cannot do. They were passing emergency bans and proclaiming danger before they even knew anything at all about it. These guys, claim to have k2 incense products that aren’t restricted in any state by any current ban. So as you see, not only are these petty bans exhausting resources we don’t have, they are pretty much useless! It’s just going to continue to morph and the authorities are going to continue wasting time and money. People will still buy k2 incense. And so on and so on. Same old cycle.

  • Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Smoke Blend says:

    check out Mr Nice Guy incense, it is the BEST out there and anyone who has tried it will say the same.

    its a hit in South FL!

  • Andrew A. Sailer says:

    What is the problem with incense these days? If MJ was legal there would be no “alternatives”! Blame the man!

  • Kelly says:

    I wish people would be more careful. My friends were telling me about some sort of blueberry K2 incense and I googled it and found out it is counterfeit. Apparently there are only a few authentic blends so the list of fakes is scary long and they don’t quite know what is in those, It’s worth checking out if you buy this or know someone who does. Stay safe…..

  • k2 herbs says:

    You get thrown into jail for possessing a little MJ. That’s one reason why people go for the alternatives. K2 is like weed, with a kick.

  • Rick Day says:

    this stuff has been on the shelf since the late 90’s. Suddenly, in 2010, it’s a ‘problem.’

    Like cannabis, not one death or serious injury has been reported by the use of either cannabis, or this so-called ‘k-2′.

    If the state wants to save kids, let them ban aerosol containers. 5 times as many children huff, than puff.

    Focus. It’s important.

  • scootypoo says:

    Why didn’t they just smoke real marijuana? Good gosh it’s probably the safest recreational drug on earth. Oh…right…it’s illegal….

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