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Saidel to kick off campaign

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Former Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel is expected to officially kick off his campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania on Monday.

Right now, it appears Jonathan Saidel could face as many as five candidates in the Democratic primary. Saidel is the only declared candidate with a political base in heavily Democratic Philadelphia.

Saidel’s Communications Director, Marty Marks, says even in what’s perceived to be a big year for Republicans, Democrats can win statewide office.

Marks: I think what we have to do is show that the Democratic leaders that are coming forward in this campaign, people like Jonathan Saidel, are different, and they are agents of change.

On the Republican side, about a dozen candidates have announced or are rumored to be considering the office. They include several locals – like Philadelphia City Councilman Frank Rizzo Jr., Bucks County Commissioner James Cawley, and Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor.

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