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Delaware teams with its neighbors on wind power

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Delaware Governor Jack Markell (D) joined his counterparts in Maryland and Virginia signing a three state agreement to cooperate on the development of offshore wind power.

Markell, along with Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine will share information and resources to encourage offshore wind development.  The goal is to maximize the creation of green jobs in the region.

Markell says, “The agreement will help us leverage the resources and energy of our three state governments to help our region become the true powerhouse for this important source of renewable, reliable alternative energy.”

The three governors formalized the partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.  They say the cooperative effort will take advantage of the region’s existing relationship with federal agencies including the Energy Regulatory Commission and the Department of Defense.

The agreement just a day after NRG energy agreed to buy Blue Waterwind, the company aiming to be the first off coast wind turbine generating area.  It is expected to be on line in 2013 just off the coast of Rehoboth.

One Comment

  • les Aaron-Friedlieb says:

    Don’t you think that a company that has a history of being last in line to upgrade its capacity has a conflict of interest in taking over such a critically important first installation of off-shore power on the East Coast?

    Why couldn’t they just invest in this company and stall further progress. With their commanding position in coal energy, they could simply have eliminated competition. I am personallhy mitrustful of their motives; it is a common tactic to buy the opposition to eliminate competition and to maintain market share.

    Why would I or anyone for that matter believe that this company has the interests of the people in GreenEnergy in mind with its acquisition instead of more of the status quo where it stands to profit immensely from its inherent advantages and its reserves of capital.

    I am afraid this seems the real motive behind the take-over and I am sure that others are equally suspicious of what is going on here.

    Les Aaron Friedlieb

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