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Tony Danza to teach in reality TV show

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Tony Danza may soon be the boss of a Philadelphia classroom. The School Reform Commission is considering allowing the TV actor famous for roles in Taxi and Who’s The Boss to teach high school English. It would be taped for a new reality TV show.


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Mayor Michael Nutter is behind the idea of making the Philadelphia School District a subject of a reality TV show, saying it is a “unique opportunity” to highlight the city’s teachers, administrators, and students. Others are concerned that students would become mere props for light entertainment.

Temple University psychology professor Frank Farley says the popularity of Danza could get more people talking about the conditions of inner-city schools.

Farley: The more light we can shine on education, the more airtime education can get the better. They need attention, they need resources, maybe something like this will help direct more attention to inner city school.

The TV production company has offered the School District a chance to respond to each episode during the editing process.


  • joseph sbaraglia says:

    Tony will go back to Malibu and it may or may not boost his career. However,the depiction of the students is real. I believe Tony’s empathy for what he sees is real. I believe he would have made a good teacher. I believe because I taught for 32 years in the inner city,(Philly) including a month post-career at Northeast as a sub. You have to live it to feel it!

  • Angela P. says:

    I attend northeast highschool and did so during the taping as well. Was it all fake? 85% was. Honestly, I didn’t like the guy and i didn’t enjoy the fact that he was ruining my school trying to become popular again. Danza, find another way to get paid.

  • Disgraceful Grace says:

    This is not about teens that have a learning problem….this is about grown ass people that have their minds set on not learning….and the other teachers talking about the kids rights and what is law…the law keeps the teachers employed , it is as if the teachers are doing their best not to make the grown ass kids learn anything…I’m glad they have shows like this..Now I get to understand where my taxes are going…So what if the producers are making money… it cost them to produce this too…I say the kids have to get real…if they get the chance to learn and don’t want to…why …pamper them and for how long do they get to be this way…other people have to work and pay taxes to have these teens carry on like this…they are not even trying…their class room attitude and the way they dress for learning speaks for itself.

  • Mike Smith says:

    If the show is a success, Danza and his producer friends will make millions. Will they compensate the students, teachers and SDoP for the use of their image? i doubt it…and the $14k they have offered to the SDoP is not nearly enough.. Philadelphia is the FOURTH U.S. city where they are trying to shoot, without compensating the talent (the kids). Nutter, make Danza’s team pay or tell them to go away.

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